Reports And PapersDownloadDate
Older People and the Rental Market in the Western Bay of Plenty Sub-region: Summary and Possible Ways Forward31/03/2017
Older People and the Rental Market in the Western Bay of Plenty Sub-region: emerging themes and issues from in-depth interviews31/03/2017
Cohousing: An Enduring Idea but is it a New Opportunity for Older People?25/01/2017
Older People and the Rental Market in the Western Bay of Plenty Sub-region29/11/2016
Home Ownership, Renting, and Residence in a Home Owned by a Family Trust for the Western Bay of Plenty and Total New Zealand, by birth cohort, for the period 1986-201301/10/2016
Submission to the Health of Older People Strategy06/09/2016
Submission to the Homelessness inquiry11/08/2016
The Housing Older People Would Choose: A review of selected New Zealand research01/07/2016
Tenure Security for Older Tenants: A Country Review of Policy, Programmes and Regulation01/07/2016


Conference Papers And PresentationsDownloadDate
Sustainability and Environment in an Ageing New Zealand presentation for the Ministry for the Environment28/02/2018
Older Tenants, Advocacy and Research-based Tools presentation to Council of Christian Social Services and the Tenants Advocacy Network13/12/2017
Ageing well in New Zealand - is the health of older people related to their housing tenure? 01/11/2017
Older Tenants, Advocacy and Research-based Tools13/12/2017
Life When Renting Mid-term summit summary01/06/2017
Ageing Well NSC Adrienne Von Tunzelmann Governance Group and the LifeWhenRenting Regional Summit May201730/05/2017
Lessons from California for Serving Older Vulnerable Tenants Rob Wiener30/05/2017
Waiheke Older Renters case study University of Auckland30/05/2017
Maori Life and Renting Dr Fiona Cram Katoa Ltd30/05/2017
Older Renters Western Bay of Plenty and Tauranga30/05/2017
New Settlers Life In Rent Regional Summit 2017 Elsie Ho University of Auckland30/05/2017
Landlords and the New World of Older Tenants30/05/2017
Comparative Health Status of Tenants and Owner Occupiers HSRC Victoria University of Wellington30/05/2017
Change, The Regions, Older People and the Implications of Rental Final30/05/2017
Tenure Revolution and its Demography Dr Natalie Jackson Regional Summit 201730/05/2017
Introduction Tauranga Summit Final30/05/2017
Affordability, Health and Renting for Older New Zealanders` Kay Saville-Smith and Bev James paper presented to Australasian Housing Researchers Conference, Melbourne, February 2017.15/02/2017
Older People of Tomorrow Realising the Longevity Dividend - Presentation Dr Kay Saville-Smith to HCHA Conference 28-29th September, Wellington29/09/2016
NZ`s Tenure Revolution and its Impacts on Ageing in Place and Being Connected - presentation Dr Kay Saville-Smith to the Conference of NZ Association of Gerontology 15-17 September 2016.16/09/2016
Migration, housing and wellbeing of older Asian people - presentation by Elsie Ho to International Asian and Ethnic Minority Health Wellbeing Conference, 6-7 Sept 201610/09/2016
Life when Renting: Research Overview - presentation to the National Reference Group12/08/2016
Life When Renting: The Case Studies - presentation to the National Reference Group12/08/2016
Older People, Research and Useful Stuff - presentation by Kay Saville-Smith to the Age Concern Conference 30-31 March, 201630/03/2016
The Implications of the Tenure Revolution for New Zealand and its Ageing Society - Presentation by Dr Kay Saville-Smith to the Australasian Housing Researchers Conference 17-19 February 201617/02/2016